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Boiling Point Road to Hell Free Download Full Game (Xenus: Точка кипения, Xenus: Boiling Point) is a video game developed by Ukrainian game studio Deep Shadows and published by Atari in 2005. Boiling Point's gameplay is a combination of FPS and RPG mechanics. The critical response to its publication was, with few exceptions, lukewarm. This was attributed to the many technical issues that plagued the game's release: bugs, crashes, and unstable performance. Patches have been released that fix many, but not all, of these deficiencies. Deep Shadows released a sequel called White Gold: War In Paradise in 2009 and another game on the same engine called Precursors.


The protagonist of Boiling Point is Saul Myers (whose character model is based on actor Arnold Vosloo), a veteran of the French Foreign Legion who lives in Paris. Myers' daughter Lisa is a traveling journalist. Lisa is conflicted and kidnapped by unknowns while working in the fictional South American nation of Realia. News of this is quickly relayed to Myers, who hastily leaves for Realia, where he must meddle with local politics and the criminal underworld while trying to find his missing daughter.

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The game takes place in a real valley, an undivided map of 25 x 25 km (625 km2). There are no loading screens or level transitions in the game. The geography of the valley itself is tropical jungle. There are two main cities: Shadow Harbor to the west, which is in the hands of the local government, and Lighthouse Town to the east, which is in the hands of communist insurgents (see: Factions). Scattered throughout the rest of the valley are various bases, plantations, towns, and farms. Due to the size of the game world, multiple modes of transport are available: cars, trucks, tanks, planes, helicopters, and ships.

The game is a mix of FPS and RPG mechanics. Character development is based on skills, with certain skills improving with practice or atrophying with disuse. The skill list is limited and consists of weapon skills and physical skills. However, the point of the game is not to kill everything in sight. Saul Myers' goal is to find his daughter, so he has to talk to many people to gather the necessary information to solve the mystery of her disappearance. Much of this information can only be acquired with real currency, and the main source of income is completing quests for the various factions in the game.

There are no preset enemies in the game except hostile animals like snakes and jaguars in the desert. There are many NPCs and almost all of them are neutral at the beginning. There are six factions in the game: the real government, the communist guerrillas, the mafia, the local Indian tribes, the independent bandits, and the American CIA presence. Civilians are also considered a faction to calculate Myers' "reputation", which is variable and dynamic. Completing quests for a faction's rivals will lower Myers' reputation with them, and enemy factions will shoot instantly. However, there are methods to restore Myer's reputation. Boiling Point Road to Hell Free Download.

Plot Summary

Arriving in Realia, Meyers questions Lisa's boss, the editor of the newspaper where she works. He points her in the direction of Don Pedro, an influential local crime boss with ties to all illegal activities in the country and apparently the last person to see Lisa alive. Meyers breaks into Don Pedro's compound but is ambushed by Don Pedro's soldiers in Don's office. However, Don spares Meyer's life, informing him that he and Lisa were friends, that she was interviewing him for a story, and that the last time he saw her, she was on her way back to town to speak to the editor .

Realizing the editor has set him up, Meyers returns to the newspaper's office and threatens the editor at gunpoint. Just as the editor is about to come in, he is killed by a sniper rifle fired across the street. The killer, a well-dressed hitman, flees the scene. Meyers tracks down the killer and kills him.

After following multiple leads, Meyers finally discovers that a group of mysterious soldiers in black uniforms are behind it all and are responsible for mass kidnappings and other unusual events in Realia. Meyers learns that the leader of the Black Soldiers is called Don Diego and apparently turns people into zombies.

After rescuing one of the Black Soldiers' kidnappers, Meyers discovers that Don Diego is actually Don Pedro. Meyers tracks Pedro to his island fortress, kills all of his bodyguards, and confronts Pedro by shooting him in the leg.

Dom Pedro confesses everything. The real mastermind behind the Black Soldiers is Alberto Caruzzo, a wealthy philosopher whom Meyers met early in the game at the Puerto Sombra bar. Caruzzo is a follower of Nikola Tesla, particularly Tesla's research on Mindscape. Caruzzo built a giant antenna capable of affecting Mindscape, giving it the power to control people's minds. Lisa was kidnapped by Caruzzo's men for getting too close to the truth. She is apparently immune to mind control, so Caruzzo experiments on her to find out why. Boiling Point Road to Hell PC Game Free Download.

Meyers breaks into Caruzzo's massive subterranean volcanic base, the Dark Tower, and eventually finds his daughter hooked up to machines deep in the labs. Caruzzo's chief scientist informs Meyers that unless Meyers destroys the mind control antenna, Lisa cannot be separated from the machinery or he will kill her.

Caruzzo appears on a large video screen and confronts Meyers. Caruzzo laments the plight of the Third World people who are killing each other in an endless war thanks to Westerners like Meyers and their demand for cocaine. He describes his plan to achieve world peace by controlling people's minds with his antenna and eliminating hatred, war and poverty. Meyers refuses to argue with Caruzzo, telling him he made a mistake kidnapping Meyer's daughter.

Meyers fights Caruzzo's elite soldiers and destroys the Dark Tower's antenna, causing a massive explosion that destroys the volcano and Caruzzo along with it. Meyers, Lisa and the lead scientist fly into the sunset in a helicopter. Lisa tells her father that she is considering quitting journalism to become a paramedic and plans to travel to Nepal next.


Government: The realistic military and police. They control the city of Shadowhaven, as well as bases and outposts scattered throughout the valley. They are mostly enemies of the guerrilla and the mafia, but are quite ambivalent towards Indians and bandits.

Guerrillas: communist insurgents. They control the city of Pueblo Faro and maintain a strong military presence centered in bases and outposts along the valley. They are mostly enemies of the government and the mafia, but generally get along well with the Native Americans.

Mafia: The criminal underworld. Their business consists primarily of growing, manufacturing and trading illegal narcotics. They control several plantations and bases throughout the valley and maintain a small presence in the two main cities. They are at war with both the government and the guerrillas, and are generally despised by smaller factions.

Bandits: Bandits, Thieves and Killers. They operate around Puerto Sombra and Pueblo Faro. Though not at open war with any other faction, they are particularly unpopular with Native Americans and civilians alike.

Indians: indigenous tribes of the valley. The Indians are concentrated in several villages, generally far from the big cities. Indians are victims of the mafia and have a great distrust of the government. His relationship with guerrillas is more friendly. Boiling Road to Hell for PC.

CIA: The realistic presence of the United States. Your spies and agents are hidden both in big cities and in the middle of the jungle. Loosely allied to the government, they target both the guerrillas and the mafia in their hostile operations.

Civilians: The really good people. They inhabit Puerto Sombra and Pueblo Faro and run the various street markets and gas stations. Most of the trade in the game is managed by civilians. They openly wage war against no one, and even have a particular dislike for bandits.


Due to the aforementioned buggy nature of the unpatched game, reviewers who reviewed the game upon its release were very critical of the game, with one reviewer for PC Gamer magazine saying "Don't worry unless it gets some extreme patches about it. Game. [citation needed]". At the same time, reviewers who ignored the bug issues or fell behind in review and therefore managed to patch the game to the supposedly stable version 2.0 were largely positive, with one reviewer from gamesTM saying "Atari is closed has become an absolute classic. A must see, no questions asked. [citation needed]." the limited entertainment value of the game. Boiling point road to hell download torrent.

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