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Congenital immunity CD11b agonism to sensitize abdominal gland cancer for immunotherapies.Without map.SCI Traditional Med.2019 July 3

The development of the FAK inhibitor in pancreatic cancer is related to exhaustion of stroma.Without map.Colon.2019 10. May.

Macrophages as regulators of tumor immunity and immunotherapy.Document, Rasse B.Nat Rev Immunol.2019 February 4th.

CCR2 recruitment+ +Macrophages associated with tumors with liver metastasis positions give a bad prediction of human colon cancer.Grossman JG, Nywening TM, Belt BA, Panni RZ, Krasnick BA,Document, Hawkins WG, Goedegebuure SP, Linehan DC, Fields RC.Onemunology.2018 1. August

Breast and pancreas cancer interrupts the development of IRF8 -dependent cells to overcome immune monitoring.I amGiftBaer JMGiftKnolhoff BlGiftNYWENING TMGiftPanni RzGiftIs xGiftKN BienpsGiftHawkins WGGiftMicrophoneGiftCampos RCGiftLinehan DCGiftChallengeGiftI do rGiftPOPA RLGiftDocument.Nature Communications.2018 March 28.

The Snail1 effect on tumor cells influences the polarization of macrophages and metastases of breast cancer through the discharge altered by GM-CSF.Brenot aGiftKnolhoff BlGiftDocumentGiftLongmore GD.Oncogenesis.2018 March 29.

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Associated with the tumor, CXCR2 Associate+ +Neutrophils and CCR2+ +Macrophages interrupt myeloic recruitment and improve chemotherapeutic reactions in the pancreatic ducta -decalcinoma.NYWENING TMGiftEquip...Campos RCGiftDocumentGiftHawkins WGGiftGoedegebuure PGiftLinehan DC.Colon.2017 December 1st.

Macrophages Non -Key Non -Pancreatic Duct Thaw CarcinomaDocument.Immunity, volume 47, number 2, 2017, August 15

Fibrosis associated with tumors as a tumor immunity regulator and immunotherapy reaction.Jiang hGiftHegde sGiftDocument.IMMUNOLKREBS IMPLEMENTATION.27 April 2017.

IRAK4 constitutive activation lies low prediction and chemical resistance in the ductarateocharcynoma pancreas.ZhangGiftOGiftJiang hGiftKNOLHOFF bGiftLockhart ACGiftWang-Gillam aGiftDocumentGiftRuzinova MBGiftKh cola.Clin Cancer Res.2016 4. October.

The direction of Focal Adhesion of the kinase leads to pancreatic cancer that attracts immunotherapy from the control point.Jiang hGiftHegde sGiftKnolhoff BlGiftZ tiger andGiftHerndon JMGiftI amGiftNYWENING TMGiftHawkins WGGiftShapiro IMGiftWeber DTGiftTenantGiftWang-Gillam aGiftDocument.natural medicine.2016 July 4th.

Senescence electricity forms an immunosuppressive micro environment that drives tumor development.Ruhland MkGiftLOZA ALSOGiftOr pine hGiftTrunk luoGiftKnolhoff BlGiftKC FlanaganGiftEquipGiftAlspach eGiftLeahy kGiftLuoGiftSchaffer aGiftEdwards JrGiftLongmore gGiftI do rGiftDocumentGiftStewart a.NAT often.2016 8. June;7: 11762.

The effect of discs disc 2 on basal tumor cells and STR -associated fibroblasts can cancer is of crucial importance for breast cancer metastasis.CorGiftBrenot aGiftGruGiftVan Hove SGiftLOZA ALSOGiftZhang k.GiftPonik SmGiftl IU EGiftDocumentGiftPropellerGiftKeely PJGiftLongmore GD.Cellular representative.2016 14. June;15 (11): 2510-23.

Conjugation with Sigma -2 SV119 league lands exceeds the absorption block and converts DM -rasin to powerful therapy cancer therapy.Ohman, I'm not sure what to doGiftHashim YMGiftVangveravong SGiftNYWENING TMGiftO Dr.CullinanGiftGoedegebuure SPGiftAny wordGiftVan, BaGiftTiriac hGiftTuveson siGiftDocumentGiftSpitzer dGiftRelineGiftHawkins WG.Onkotarget.2016 22. May.

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The antagonization of the β3 is increases immunosuppression in cancer.Is xGiftEsser yGiftMR DistributedGiftX Ian GJGiftXu yGiftRoss MHGiftFox GCGiftKobayashi TGiftEsterGiftSala kGiftFontana fGiftHurchla enGiftKnolhoff BlGiftI amGiftMorgan EAGiftTomasson JCGiftNovack JSGiftTo flyGiftI do rGiftBeginnerGiftRobinson SDGiftTeitelbaum slGiftDocumentGiftAlfaiate jgGiftKN Bienps.Cancer Res.2016 15. June;76 (12): 3484-95

Objective in tumor -related macrophages with CCR2 inhibition in combination with Folfinox in patients with advanced advanced research and pancreas: a single center of the central pancreas, open, with the non -randomized dose phase, phase 1B.NYWENING TMGiftWang-Gillam aGiftSanford deGiftEquipGiftPanni RzGiftCusworth BMGiftTORIOLA NOGiftNieman RKGiftWorley laGiftYano mGiftFowler KJGiftLockhart ACGiftSuresh rGifttannedGiftKh colaGiftCampos RCGiftStrasberg SMGiftHawkins WGGiftDocumentGiftGoedegebuure SPGiftLinehan DC.Lancet OncolMAI2016;17 (5): 651-62.

Protein 1 in connection with Dickopf (DKK1) regulates the accumulation and function of myeloid -derived suppressing cells in cancer.D'Amico LGiftMahajan SGiftOr pine hGiftAm gGiftModernGiftRicgle bGiftDB Die BumpassGiftMeyer mGiftIs xGiftWang-Gillam aGiftBares de Weila K.GiftStewart aGiftDocumentGiftI do r.J Exp Med.2016 2. May;213 (5): 827-40.

Lympopoietin shyly stoma blocks the first stages of carcinogenesis.Demehri sGiftCunningham TJGiftNagiwaggamGiftOng KhGiftDifferent de Mo RA M IMO S SGiftReddy rGiftMeyers MaGiftDocumentGiftYokoyama wm.J Clin Invest.2016 ABR 1; 126 (4): 1458-70.

Th2 polarized CD4 (+) cells and macrophages limit the efficacy of radiotherapy.It's OsloGiftLigue bGiftDocumentGiftFadegon is notGiftParque ccGiftCoussens LM.ImmunolkrebsMay 2015;3 (5): 518-25.

CSF1/CSF1R lock has recently programmed infiltrating tumor macrophages and improved the reaction to immunotherapy with the T -zell control point on pancreatic cancer models.Luo J, Wang -GOEDEGUURE SP, Linehan DC, DC, DC, DC, GoedegebuureDocumentCancer res 2014 July 31

STAT3 activation induced by tumor in suppressive cells from monocytic myloidsDocument, Goedegebuure SP, Linehan DCCancer Immunol Immunother 2014 Mayo; 63 (5): 513-28

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Synergist effects of the simultaneous block of PI3K and MEK streets on preclinical models of Pancreaszhong H, Sánchez C, Spitzer D, Plate, PlateDocument, Gao F, Pufahl RA, Lockhart AC, Xu M, Linehan D, Weber J, Wang-Gillam A.Plos One 2013 9. Oktober;8 (10): E7

Catepsin C is a specific regulator of the tissue of the scaly carcinogenesis.Document, Korets L, Reinheckel T, Sloane BF, Bogyo M, Coussens LMGenes Dev 2013 Oktober;27 (19): 2086-9

Objective in infiltrating macrophages of tumors to combat cancer.Document IMMOTHERAPY 2013 OCTOBER;5 (10): 1075-87

A study with zoledonian acid as a neoadjuventing perioperative therapy in patients with dry pancreatic duka carcinoma.Document, Fields RC, Hawkins WG, Strasberg SM, Lockhart AC, Wang-Gillam A, Cómodo SP, Linehan DCJ Cancer Ther 2013 Mayo; 4 (3): 797-803

The mobilization of inflammatory monocytes reduces the survival of the patient in pancreatic cancer: a work to attack the CCL2/CCR2.Sanford, Bel Ba, Panni RZ, UBL SM, Worley La, Goetz BD, Wang-Gilllam A EberleinTJ,Document, Goedegebuure SP, Linehan DCClin Cancer Res 2013 1. Juli;19 (13): 3404-15

Infiltrating direction tumor macrophages reduce tumor initiative cells, relieves immunosuppression and improves chemotherapeutic agents' reactions.Document Cancer Res 2013 February 1;73 (3): 1128-1141

Infiltrated tumor macrophages, cancer cells and therapeutic reactions.DocumentOncotarget 2012 DIC; 3 (12): 1497-8

Fight CCL2 by control of the Metastatic Nico: Neutrophils against monocytes.DocumentBreast Cancer 2012 19. Juli;14 (4): 315

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Macrophages -MRI in connection with tumors with clinically applicable iron oxide nanoparticles.Document, Castaneda R, Ansari C, Rao J, Tikhomirov GA, Wendland MF, Corot C, Cousens LMClin Cancer Res 2011 1. September;17 (17): 5695-704

The complexity of leukocytes provides for the survival of breast cancer and functionally regulates the reaction to chemotherapy.DocumentThere is the JJE brain, Remie, Ricjone, Salle, COJES, SMEMES, CUIL, CHECK, LAHM, LAHM, LAHME, TONELS, BABILITIES, BABIN, Tomerk and.Cancer disc 2011 1. Juni;1: 54-67

Interactions between lymphocytes and myeloic cells regulate the antitumoral professional -Inity.Document, Andreu P, Coussens LMRev 2010 Jun Cancer Metastase; 29 (2): 309-16

FCRGAMMA Activation Regulations Carcinogenesis Spolypos associated with inflammation.Document, Nradini l, die vscs not the vma m, mantel lmCancer Cell 2010 17. Februar; 17 (2): 121-34

The expression of alpha-alpha inducer macrophages by hypoxia suppresses the function of T cells and promotes tumor progression.Document, Coussens LM, Karin M, Goldrath AW, Johnson RSCancer Res 2010 October 1 October;70 (19): 7465-75

Signal transmission of the tyrosine quinase receptor prefers a protume level in breast cancer cells, inhibiting the adaptive immune response.Document, Coussens LM, Brennan DJ, Gallagher WM, Park M, Pawson T, Hallett M, Muller WJCancer Res 2010 15. Oktober;70 (20): 7776-8

Marked of Cell Cell Cell -Human Embryonic Turnman with Gudochy Green for Non -Invasive Monitoring with Optical Images: an FDA compatible alternative with worms luciferase.Document, Bernstein HS, Ritner C, Golovko D, Lu Y, Zhao S, Daldrup-Link Ele
Zell Transplant 2010; 19 (1): 55-65

Lymphocytes in cancer development: polarization in relation to pro-tumor immunity.ruffell B,Document, Affra ni, Couses LMRev 2010 February Rev.2010 Cytokines -Factor;21 (1): 3-10

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Optical images of peri-tumor inflammatory reaction in breast cancer.Document, Boddington SE, Kishore SA, Ansari C, Reinhart V, Coakley FV, Coussens LM, Daldrup-Link eleJ Translation with 2009 November 11;7: 94

CD4 (+) cells regulate the pulmonary metastases of breast carcinomas, improving the prothuman properties of macrophages.Document, JB HAT, Andreu P, Vásquez L, Tawfik D, Kolhatkar N, Coussens LMCell Cell 2009 on August 4;16 (2): 91-102


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