Severe currents of myosin and type of muscle fiber - Invictus fitness (2023)

Severe currents of myosin and type of muscle fiber - Invictus fitness (1)

Heavy Pinephers and muscle carnival type
Written by Member of Invictus, Dra.irene Tobias

EmPart 1From this publication we learn how Myosin drives the molecular processes of muscle contraction.

What are the severe currents of MySin?

The protein complex of Myosin, which forms the molecular engine that drives muscle contraction, consists of four component proteins: two heavy chains and two light chains.Part 1Slower.

How does MHC refer to the type of muscle fibers?

The contractable MHC speed contributes directly to the speed and performance, to which the entire muscle tissue is able to extend strength.After all, muscle fibers have a number of different MHC combinations in every single fiber. There are pure MHC I, pure IIA MHC or very rarely pure MHC fibers have a MIH mixture and are known as hybrids if they are i and IIa (I/iia), iia/iix or everything (i/iia/iix) are included.If the muscle of an individual contains a certain percentage (ie composition) of each fiber type that varies between different people.

How do fiber optic types react to training?

Although our genetics can influence our tendency to have slower contraction fibers or fast contraction, the type of fiber also depends on a large part of the training, lifestyle, health and age of an individual.(> 20%), while highly educated people have a combination of pure MHC I and MHC pure fibers and very few hybrids. With physical training, the fibers differentiate in order to better meet the requirements placed in them.

The type of training also influences the overall composition of the fiber type. Olympic weights and speeds have a higher quick contraction process (MHC IIa). In short time and more glycogen reserves in order to promote high intensity efforts in short periods of short intensity.

Athletes who fight for sports that need electricity and resistance (such as Crossfit and MMA) probably have more percentages on slow and fast contraction fibers..

How is the type of fiber of an athlete determined on a molecular level?

In Dr.Andy Galpin, we have the ability to determine the exact composition of the muscle fiber of an individual. After a muscle biopsy: a small sample the size of a huge side of the pea (muscle on the side of your quad) we can separate the individual fibersAnd analyze them at individual fiber level.

Since the different MHCs have different molecular weights (protein size), we can separate them through their size. After we have solved the fiber in solution, we can charge each sample of a gel and apply an electrical current through the gel that moves the proteins. Kleiner proteins move faster than larger proteins, and then the end result leaves them at various points in the gel.

In the previous illustration, you can see different combinations of ribbons that represent MHC. Single MHC and form a lower gang because it is smaller than MHC IIa and IIX.3 are present, a triple hybrid. The determination of the type of approximately one hundred fibers of an individual can determine the percentage of each type that it contains your muscle.Iia and 5 % mhc iia/iix.Any number of different fiber compositions can be that can change depending on 5 in 5 to 10 years, what do you do.

Dr. Galpin and I do research on athletic fiber and how they are affected by training. In addition to MHC, there are many other proteins that have differences in slow slowdown fibers and have important functions related to the metabolism.It is very far in the results, but it is a very exciting science to work!

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