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Then you have heard of the great potentialAdvantages of tea consumption healthdaily.

But you can be careful before thatCAFEÍNA DE?

Discomination tea seems to be the logical solution, but there are some disadvantages that may not take into account.

In addition, "decaffeinated" does not mean "without caffeine."

Eh ?!

Let's talk about what is a decaffeinated tea, why you can't "go" and what are your true tea options without caffeine ...

Why "desasteino" is not "caffeine -livre"

Recanade Tea has sued to reduce its caffeine of natural occurrence. All the true teas -SchwarzGiftsVerdeGiftsOolong, White andPU "- Caffeine does not contain naturally.

However, it is impossible to eliminate all caffeine duringcompleteCaffeine free.

According to that legally to "decaffeinated", no more than 3% of its original caffeine content can contain a cup of tea between 1 and 4 milligrams of caffeine. I want to finish.

The "without caffeine" teas, on the other hand, do not have caffeine without zero. This is called herbs or tisane and is made of dry flowers, herbs, leaves, seeds or roots.Camellia sinensis).

How is decaffeinated tea?

Commercially, tea highlights one of the three options:

1. Chemical solvents

The most common decent method is the sauce of tea leaves in a chemical solvent: ethyl acetate or methylene chloride.

The T t -shirts, which are Acetate of deserting ethyl, are often called "naturally decafhepatic and renal approved by the FDA.

The other solvents, methylene chloride, is an industrial connection used in color remover, pharmaceutical products and aerosols.FDA is recognized as OSHA carcinogen potential and allows it as a food additive in small quantities.

No one really knows how much of these solvents after processing remain in tea leaves.

2. CO2

Carbon dioxide -Decofening Infund Water With Co2In high pressure tanks.

Co2It is a chemical connection that occurs naturally. You find it every day: it is a greenhouse gas in the atmosphere and that is what plants become oxygen. It is also what leaves their lungs when it expires.

This is the only approved decapão method for "certified organic" crops.

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3. Hot water

Hot water can also eliminate caffeine from tea, although this method is rarely used.

Possibly because it does not eliminate caffeine as effective as other methods. A study showed that it only reduced the amount of caffeine in green tea by 83%, 10% shy compared to the requirement of a "decaffeinated" label.5)

In addition, this method is not suitable for determined black tea (6)

Now that you know how decaffeinated, you can have some reserves against decaffein. Good news is that you may not need to be deciphered ...

Until you doneedDo you challenge?

We are a society driven by caffeine in which many people drink much more than the 400 milligrams recommended. After everything, there are only 2 cups of strong coffee.

Of course it would take 8 to 10 cups ofhas black-and even moreHas green- 400 milligrams of caffeine.

It's important to knowCaffeine in tea does not affect your body like coffee.Then, if you fear that black or popular teaMatcha, of the symptoms of caffeine or abstinence.

There are two reasons for this: 1) cup of cup, tea has less caffeine than coffee and 2) tea contains l-teaanine, a unique amino acid that affects the way its body absorbs caffeine and almost gives the frequent effectof time.7)In other words, the opposite of coffee.

Disadvantages of caffeine and caffeine tea: advantages and disadvantages

Do you still want to explore your decaffeinated and caffeine options? Great, we dive ...

Referred teas

Although all real tea can refer, it is difficult to find something different from the black and green teeth sold commercially. This is only a supply and demand.

Dressing tea is sold as a loose sheet and as a finished tea package and as mixtures likeEarl GreyThey love them.

The good thing in decaffeinated tea is that tea drinkers can enjoy their favorite tea without caffeine.ActuallySensitivity to caffeine).

Unfortunately, there are disadvantages to decafe. During the beginning, the Metro process changes the taste of tea. Caffeine is more bitter by nature; therefore, even the best decorative methods change the taste of tea, eliminating this element of flavor.

Another problem is that the packaging generally does not open the declamation method. To avoid chemical solvents, you must call the manufacturer or try to remember its pool labeling tricks: "Naturtell de parade" is usually a caffeine of chemical solvent, while "organic organicCertificate "can only mean co2NOJO.

The greatest disadvantage of drop -up tea is thatIt may not have the same health benefits as normal teaIn particular, decomposition can destroy a large part of polyphenols and antioxidants. More about this later ...

Claffefer Tisa Travesado (Dead)

Here tea really shines in the category of coffee free drinks. The herbal teas list is as long and diverse as its health.

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The reward of the nature of herbs, spices and roots can be seen alone or in a delicious combination as plant infusion.Redhead, Demand,Cinnamonand hibiscus.

Another popular herbal tea is the red rooibos, which is made of sheets of African red shrubs. The full -body taste profile and hot nuts make it an excellent, of course, replacement without caffeine for black tea.

You can use red rooibos as a base for an English breakfast without caffeine or a mixture of chai or simply enjoy how tea or black coffee would turn.

And if all this sounds like a foreign language, because you are a brand of Spain in the world of tadanes without caffeine, it is a great place with a herbal sample. Té, tea bag or oursHerbale crystals.


One of the greatest health connections for regular tea are its polyphenols. These plant connections are a type of antioxidant that is known to have strong properties and inflammatory properties. According to their prebiotic properties, healthy weight control and digestion alsocan support ((8)

A study showed that2Green tea decomposition reduced its epigalocatequin gala (EGCG) content in almost 40%(9) EGCG, a catequina, is the most frequent green tea polyphenol, responsible for most green tea health benefits.

Another study suggests that ordinary green tea could resist a healthy level of blood sugar, but not the black decaffein tea. (10)

Like the real teas, the herbal teas have been used for their relaxing and health promotion properties.Support healthy blood sugar and root change or liquor to support healthy immune function.

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Final thoughts

Even if caffeine is natural, it can still have adverse effects if consumed in the surplus.

Fortunately, regardless of their cup of tea (the playing play tries!), You can find it with little or no caffeine. For tea lovers, dees or herbal tea they are a way to enjoy their favorite drink and at the same time restrictCaffeine recording.

However, decompositions can influence the taste of tea, reduce their health benefits and possibly suspend toxic chemicals.

Maintain the maximum health benefits of normal green and black teas and, naturally, choose herbs without caffeine or when you want to avoid caffeine.


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Discompactive tea: the advantages and disadvantages


Discompleming tea seems to be the logical solution to run out of caffeine, but what is really decaffeinated? Are there other caffeine tea options?


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